This Is Reel TV

About Us

This Is Reel Tv is a local theatre & film production company based out of Toronto, Ontario. Founded in 2006 by Vince Moia who was later joined by his long time friends and colleagues Joe Barranca & Andrea Annisi. For many years they travelled their own roads gathering tremendous experience in the film, theatre and corporate worlds. Respectively they all found their own degree of success and did not anticipate what was to happen next. After a chance meeting at a friendly reunion they picked up exactly where they had left off fuelling each others passion for story telling and film making. This paved the way for them to realize what they had always envisioned and felt inside. Wasting no time they jumped on a script Vince had been working on and the rest is history. They truly impacted each other and have motivated one another to waste no more time and express their true desire to be story tellers. We hope you enjoy our site. Please feel free to leave any comments, we always want to improve our site. Thank you and God bless you and your families.

The Team

The People of This Is Reel Tv

Vince Moia

Executive Producer

Joe Barranca
Andrea Annisi

Production Manager