Jack's Chair

Story Outline:

When Jack was a little boy, witnessing the death of his mother at the hands of "Billy," traumatized him. In addition, both he and his mother were severely abused both emotionally and physically. He now finds himself in a maze of repressed guilt and pain and blames himself for his mother's passing. Billy is the face of cruelty and evil that has destroyed Jack's life. Maria (Jack's Mother) is an authentic, caring woman trapped in a spiral of violence and helplessness. She does not have the strength to break away from her husband. Now an adult, Jack's psychotic condition is unraveling. He is spiraling out of control and knows something is wrong but is unable to understand or deal with what is happening to him. He is alone and isolated but manages to find the strength to seek help from a caring psychiatrist who briefly treated him when he was a small boy. Twenty years later, Jack seeks retribution for the death of his beloved Mother for the pain and images of his childhood that has now "boiled over" springing him into unknown ground.

Original Story by: Vince Moia
Produced by: This Is REEL TV
Written by: Vince Moia, Andrea Annisi, Tony Caramanica & Liz Ricci
Editor: Andrea Annisi
Director: Andrea Annisi
Starring: Vince Moia, Diana Aguilar, Emily Tauro, Joseph Iannicelli & Cynthia Rogers