Modern Italian Family

Story Outline:

The Minestra family is a present day Italian/Canadian family with an edge, a combination of old school discipline mixed with a modern flare. Giuseppe the dad is a traditionalist by nature although he himself once had dreams which were outside the norm for a young Calabrese boy. He hoped to be a big star… an actor! He idolized Robert Deniro and Al Pacino and hoped he could be like them. Unfortunately things didn’t pan out for Giuseppe he settled for a more common life, work hard every day put food on the table and make sure the kids don’t end up in jail. His lovely wife Carmela also came from a similar upbringing having the fundamentals of a typical Calabrese girl yet she herself had aspirations of bigger things. Her dream was to be a singer. Like Giuseppe Carmela settled for what she had been groomed to be as a young girl… a wife to her husband. It is Sunday afternoon and like most Italian families a preparation for the big Sunday lunch is on it’s way. Carmela slaves in the kitchen preparing the meal for her beloved family. Their son Domenico is lost in his room doing God knows what on his laptop, Gianna is supposed to be helping her mother but between selfies and her newly found lifestyle of being a “vegan” she can’t seem to make her mother happy. Giuseppe is out on a hunt and is returning shortly, Carmela wants to have everything prepared and in place before her husband gets home. Now if only the kids would co-operate. Tension grows and the next sequence of events will determine if this “Modern Italian Family” can keep it together.

Produced by: This Is REEL TV
Written & Directed by: Vince Moia
Starring: Vince Moia, Sonia Agostino, Julia Agostino, Joe Barranca & Andrea Annisi